AE event and management company &NHB organized WWII tours

An Event and management company went on an Discovery trails World War II in Singapore with NHB

HDB Opening of Punggol Town Square

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event and management company – WWII tours

Early this year, National Heritage Board (NHB) organised a 1 month outdoor tour during weekends alongside with Alkalom Eclat (AE) an event and management company embark on a historical journey of Singapore. Alkalom Eclat an event and management company managed along with the staffs of NHB, participants were brought to historical trails with guided tour guides explaining in detail as the participants walk along. Each of the participants were given an audio device for listening to the tour guide even if they were falling behind the team. 

The purpose of this meaningful event is to encourage young Singaporean to have a better understand of Singapore history and the hardship our forefathers went trough to what Singapore is today, also it is a sharing session for the older generation to impart necessary survival skills to the younger generation. Most importantly is a session for participants to have a better knowledge of Singapore history. 

The trails went on from morning till night, kids and adults had fun, educational activities that were keeping them fun and interesting throughout the trails. This game and activities required team work to complete and careful planning, keeping the young and old entertain at the same time brain storming too. 

The trails include the following places:-

  • Battle of Pasir Panjang Trail
  •  Fort Serapong @Fort Silsos
  •  Japanese Advance
  •  World War II @ Bukit Brown
  • Changi Prison
  • Singapore Occupied
  • The Last Days of Empire
  • Tour of the Former Command House
  • The Adam Park Project Tour
  • Sime Road The Hellfire Tour
  • Labrador& Alexandra
  • Haw Par Villa
  • Whether you’re are a local or a tourist visiting Singapore, be sure to look out for NHB’s historical trails and experience the untold stories behind the beautiful buildings , streets and landmarks of Singapore. 

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AE event and management company &NHB organized WWII tours