Teambuilding Day

The brief

Our client, a government organisation wanted to host an annual meeting for their divisions within the organisations. This event would take place over one day and consist of meetings, breakout sessions, and a large team building exercise. The main objectives of this event for the client was to share results from a recent culture survey, establish targets and key areas of focus for 2015 and provide everyone with a renewed energy buzz for the challenges to come.


  • A last minute venue in a polytechnic needed to be sourced, to accommodate 500 Teachers
  • This venue also needed to be able to facilitate 10 smaller rooms in addition to the main conference room
  • The main conference room needed to be a blank canvas for our production team to install an in the round concept and theming/branding
  • Timing for the agenda was tight to allow people time to get to and from the venue


500 Delegates


Republic Polytectnic


The theming for the whole event was around our client’s training targets. We came up with the slogan and branding for this event – ‘Mission Million’ which was reflected throughout and was the inspiration for the large team building activity called ‘The big picture’ where all members of the team were involved in group challenges to achieve the goal

We provided the following services:

  • Logistics & Production Management
  • Full production services
  • Sound, Lighting and Audio Visual
  • Crew and transport
  • Digital Media
  • Branding Concepts


“Thank you and well done on organising a terrific conference. It was absolutely brilliantly run, I’ve been to quite a few conferences in my day, this one has definitely stood out for me. ”

Internal Communications, CPDD MOE.

Teambuilding Day