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family activities - singapore event company

family activities - singapore event company
family activities – singapore event company

The Dumpling Festival (“Duan Wu Jie”) is a colorful festival celebrated by Chinese worldwide on the 5th day of the 5th month of lunar calendar. It is a yearly event and during this day, the Chinese will commonly feast on dumplings (which we called “zong zi” in Chinese).”Zong Zi” is a traditional Chinese food that is glutinous rice with some sort of filling (usually water chestnuts, Chinese black mushrooms, cooked peanuts, dried shrimp and meat) wrapped in bamboo leaves and steamed.(“Duan Wu Jie”) is a widely celebrated festival amongst the Chinese, to pay respect to the patriotic poet, Qu Yuan.A legend involving a long throne fighting war and political history.Qu Yuan was an important minister back in Chu Kingdom in ancient China. He had been known for his loyalty for the emperor of Chu, and loved his country greatly. However, His Majesty had not taken Qu Yuan’s advice seriously, and he eventually got himself trapped and captured in a foreign land by his enemies, which then lead to his own death. Sad and angry at the corrupted, dying Kingdom, Qu Yuan tied himself to a big rock and threw himself into the River of Puo Luo. The people then made rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves and threw them into the river. They believed this would stop the fish from eating Qu Yuan’s body. Some would even row down stream in a boat, beating drums and shouting out loud in the hope to scare the fish away it was believed that it is how the Dragon Boat event is related to the festival. Since then, the 5th day of the 5th month in the Chinese calendar has been set as Duan Wu Festival to remember the incident.

family activities - singapore event company
family activities – singapore event company

During this day, it is also a tradition to organize the yearly dragon boat races and other family activities including making your own dumpling and some traditional activities which includes a game of making an egg stand at noon, A lot of local Chinese will have a try at this, This game is one that if you stand at exactly 12.00 noon you will have luck for the next year. There is also a wide varitey of children weekend activities also duing this famous singapore event like the bungee run and children can come together to make some puppets and many more games.Other common activities include hanging up icons of Zhong Kui (a mythic guardian figure), hanging mugwort and calamus, taking long walks, and wearing perfumed medicine bags.Some also believe in going to the beach on this special occasion to have themselves cleanse, in order to bring in more luck for the upcoming year. All of these activities, together with the drinking of realgar wine, were regarded by the ancients as effective in preventing disease or evil, while promoting health and well-being.

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