Christmas day event at Tampines Hub in Singapore 2016

Stay at home in Christmas day. Why?

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Christmas day - events singapore

Christmas day – events singapore

Its Christmas day the season to enjoy right? Well, for some of us, but not all of us. Where the whole world is celebrating the Christmas, some people prefer to just stay at home during the holidays due some reasons. We may wonder why stay at home when the whole streets are lighted up with smiles and joy. Reasons could be such as why go out when there is definitely gonna be heavy traffic why risk getting stuck in a jam, maybe due to some financial problems places might up the usual pricing, or maybe if they bigger responsibilities of taking care of children at home and they cant go out and have to spend Christmas day at home. Well we have some suggestions for you to actually make the time to go out.

Just to let u guys out there know you are actually not alone, there are actually many people who prefer to stay home without knowing all the different ways they could entertain themselves. Yes the traffic would be a problem in most places in the town areas but here we have got a perfect area just for you like the event hosted at Tampines hub it was easily accessible. The car parks were always available so one does need to worry about the parking space as well. Those facing some financial issues need not to worry as everything is actually at an affordable rate from the shows to the food. There also many shopping centers nearby Tampines hub as well so you can actually go there to do some Christmas shopping maybe get some groceries yourself to do some home cooking for some family gathering, but wait you might wondering it might be troublesome to bring your kids along thats where you can see actually there are some children day activities also at the Tampines hub being held. Alkalom Eclat an events company in Singapore played a very big part in organizing these activities.

Since we are also a good kids party planner as well, We offers all kinds of kid-friendly entertainment and activities, and we know all the tricks to keeping kids safe while making sure they have so much fun. So while you go do your shopping you can ensure that your kids are also having tons of fun like actives such as stage performances, midway games that are easy to win with prizes included, Kids concerts and dance parties, Magic shows, and had a dressed up Santa Claus to hand some Christmas gifts as well.We also never forget about the turkey which the main icon for Christmas as well knowing the different cultures and religion we tend to cater the best type of food which flexible to all to get the perfect buffet line set up.

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Christmas day event at Tampines Hub in Singapore 2016