Organizing events for foreign workers in Singapore

Organizing events for foreign workers 

Dinner and dance

Punggol Town Square

Alkalom Eclat and Ministry of Manpower have been organizing events to be held at foreign worker dormitories around Singapore. Singapore life is challenging especially for the foreign workers who may not be aware of the rules and regulation formed by the Ministry of Manpower and the Singapore government.

Alkalom Eclat Pte Ltd is a Singapore Events company with experiences organizing events for many types of government and private organizations. This latest project allows the team to focus on the Singapore life and to lead a harmonious relationship between foreigners and locals. Most foreign workers helm from India, Bangladesh, China and Myanmar. They come with different expectations and ambitions but have similar goals; to earn a better living for their future.

Through interactive games and well-informed team ambassadors, the events are a huge success in bringing the education to the workers. The life is well illustrated through comic books, newsletters and brochures which are handed to the workers.

The keyword is patience and enjoying the way other cultures behave. The authorities are reaching out to the foreign works in Singapore. Workers generally look at Singapore to earn a living and send back monies they have earned back to their home countries. Sometimes, not realizing that taking on additional jobs or even taking part in illegal activities can lead to them losing their jobs. In worst cases, they get jailed and get deported never to return again!

Singapore is safe and the government’s efforts are not spared to ensure this security is always maintained for all.

Organizing events though not new to Alkalom Eclat, this latest challenge produces unique situation that not all would have been used to. We enjoy this privilege for being able to contribute to the well being of life.

Having already organizing 2 events, Tuas South Recreation Centre and at Kaki Bukit Recreation Centre, we look forward to the next venue.

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Organizing events for foreign workers in Singapore